The public perception of real estate often falls short of recognizing its untapped potential.

The public perception of real estate often falls short of recognizing its untapped potential.

A recent incident brought this to light: a tenant in need of support to navigate a challenging period. Property expenses loom large for this tenant, who now faces the prospect of increased rents from their landlord, leading to a sense of disorientation.


With a 25-year history in the business, this individual deserves respect and admiration. Their bespoke manufacturing enterprise holds the promise of sustained growth, particularly through repeat work that bolsters private military operation development. Yet, in the last five years, mounting costs have proven overwhelming. Escalating expenses, such as the rising prices of aluminium from China and Russia and increased labour costs, including higher minimum wages for apprentices and unskilled labour, lie beyond their control.

The current state of real estate in this scenario seems to fail not only the tenant but also the very investors it seeks to serve. Instead of receiving assistance, the tenant faces the grim ultimatum to vacate if rent payment proves impossible. Moreover, they grapple with the complexities of lease-end dilapidations, bearing a staggering £200,000 assessment that evokes dread.

The situation is disheartening, revealing how real estate can either be a catalyst for success or a harbinger of downfall for businesses, exerting a substantial influence on our economy. For this tenant, the most viable course appears to be allowing the business to falter, rendering the unit vacant for the landlord, and demanding an additional £200,000 capital expenditure for repairs before re-listing the property.

But here lies the potential for a different narrative. The concept of "Rentalise" emerges, suggesting a proportional contribution towards immediate repairs, involving tenants in crafting a viable time frame for renovations, and actively assisting businesses in their realignment efforts. This not only preserves employment but also lowers vacancy rates in property assets.

The true purpose of real estate transcends mere financial returns. It possesses the capacity for a more profound and far-reaching mission, one that uplifts businesses and communities alike.

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