Grade Listed 2 Property, Exeter, Devon

Listed Residential Block Insurance Valuation

Listed Residential Block Insurance Valuation
Bespoke Analysis of the Facts

Bespoke Analysis of the Facts

A residents committee at a converted listed property in Devon had concerns over the value they had been insuring the shared asset they all owned. Working closely with the insurance broker for the client Vantage were commissioned to perform a revaluation of the asset

How did we help?

Using our innovative V360 technology and providing a check measure onsite we were able to gather accurate site information swiftly. With Covid upon us the need was never more apparent than now to be able to get in and about of the property so as to not put residents at risk.

We then interrogated the facts, addressing the previous valuation, listing basis and our site data to create a new bespoke insurance assessment.

During the process we discovered key measurement discrepancies with the previous valuation and with construction inflation as it was in 2020 that the sums needed to fully insure the property had taken quite the rise.

Lessons Learned

Our working methods allowed us to work swiftly, safely and with accuracy to gather the information needed to produce a new valuation. The role showed the importance of an up to date assessment to ensure you are fully covered when it comes to insurance.

Lessons Learned

Services we provided

Measured Survey
Providing a range of measured survey services to meet your needs, including laser scanning, area management and IPMS
Insurance Valuation
Insurance Valuation, enabling us to record panoramic
Project Management
Project Management of works inline with the Vantage process methodology and best practise

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