Stay Alert: Adapt and survive

Stay Alert: Adapt and survive

'Get back to work' was Boris Johnson’s cry, but how do we do that and will the work be the same as before? We’ll all need to adapt to the new norm to survive.


Safety first

Rightly or wrongly some of us of now in the midst of going back to work. It may be in a completely different way than we are used to, but safety must be paramount over profit.

Assets will still be there as well as businesses built on strong foundations will survive, so we must ensure we are now mentally fit to take on the challenge of Covid-19.

'Stay Alert' is the new government moto

"We need to be alert not only to our health but the opportunities this may breed. It’s important now more than ever to not lose sight of opportunities and embrace the challenges that lie ahead." says Paul Wood, Founder & Directer of Vantage

For landlords, now is a time to reach out to tenants and see how you can help the good ones stay with you. Maybe the problematic ones can be helped to move on!

For tenants, re-gearing your lease may work well when the time is right. If you do or are looking at this push schedule of condition or any limitation that can be applied for the dilapidations position. If you do need to re-gear, move or cut non profitable locations Vantage can assist you on this, after all Paul Wood was the chair of the RICS dilapidations roadshow.

Staying positive

Social distancing may be in place, but we will continue to positively support each other. Whether that’s a quick message or phone call, it’s important that both our clients and staff know we are there for them. We are in this together, whether that be laughing together about a team members new dog antics or reaching out to each other for some support.

It’s not easy for anyone and sometimes a brave moment to talk about what it is really like without any positive ‘corporate’ spin connects with others more than ever. It’s ok to have a ‘wobble’ and to talk about it. Relationships are built on connecting with others and as Peter Drucker said “the most important thing in communication is hearing what isn’t said.”

Things may be a little strange for a while as we all get used to the new ways of working and some things may have even changed for the better. Maybe one day we will look back and think about the opportunities it gave us and how we developed personally through our ‘grit’ determination.

The Vantage Way

"Changes in the Vantage office have been made with the safety of our staff at the forefront. Our health and safety team are busily reassessing risk assessments and ensuring our surveyors can get back out on the road, whilst working safely in the office or at home."

There is always light at the end of the tunnel and for Vantage that remains our focus through patience and unity, we can prosper together.

Businesses and employers will do their upmost to keep their staff and customers safe. However it does take a degree of common sense and compliance from others to keep everyone safe, so time to think about the wider community as well as yourself.

As musician Fred Rogers said “when we can talk about our feelings, they become less overwhelming, less upsetting, and less scary.”

Feel free to reach out to us anytime. We are here to help, listen and support you.

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