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Industrial Estate Due Diligence and Measured Survey

Industrial Estate Due Diligence and Measured Survey
A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

A Goal Without a Plan is Just a Wish

Good results come from planning ahead, and that's just what Aegon did with this role in Crawley.

When you are selling an asset, we have all learned that presenting it in the best possible light means you achieve a realistic price in a swift timeframe, as the serious buyers are filtered out.

We teamed up with Aegon to do just that, as they addressed the assets that they may be looking to move on from post-pandemic. Despite what looked simple, an estate of industrial units with shared yards, access and various service runs near the main road had its complexity.

How did we help?

The Vantage warehouse dilapidation team handled the role from inception, clearing investigations such as drainage, roof surveys and environmental surveys.

We raised several questions. But, rather than just stating they exist, we found answers which painted a fair picture, avoiding confusion which results in delay and often a lower price achieved.

The team were also called upon to measure the site and, as we see on nearly 80% of roles, a circa 10% variance was found to that of the retained site measurements inherited by the client.

Never forget the importance of a good set of plans and measures.

Our highly qualified team are dilapidation experts with knowledge of a wide range of buildings, please get in touch to find out how we can help.

Lessons Learned

Early, proactive advice is essential to success, good communication with all involved, investigations are key in due diligence and measured surveys are a must.

Lessons Learned

Services we provided

Insurance Valuation
Insurance Valuation, enabling us to record panoramic
Measured Survey
Providing a range of measured survey services to meet your needs, including laser scanning, area management and IPMS

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