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Nationwide Warehouse dilapidation management

Nationwide Warehouse dilapidation management
The Devil is in the Detail

The Devil is in the Detail

Prologis identified several assets where lease ends required a planned dilapidations approach.  As ever we welcome early involvement as it’s the key to success and we were able to secure the role nationwide to provide dilapidation schedules to a number of key warehouse assets.

How did we help?

Applying Dowding and Reynolds five stage analysis, Our warehouse dilapidation experts produced a dilapidations claim for each property including the use of a services consultant to address specialist installations.

Every lease differs as does the asset. This was a prime example.  We applied a bespoke approach to each role and made sure no stone was left unturned.

When served on the tenants Vantage entered clear communication setting objectives and time scales were put into place to channel negotiations in a commercial and proactive manner. By focusing minds and actions, positive results were the outcome.

Most roles went without issue and objectives were attained, but there is always one and, in this case, Covid, plus international tenants were the disruptor.  Luckily, the landlord works were performed, so with the loss proven we achieved the predicted outcome, which was set well before the role even started.  A great result all around and enjoyable for the team as we all love big sheds!

Lessons Learned

Early proactive advice is essential to success, and good communication solves all problems. Performing works always helps as does obtaining good advice such as services where the asset values are high enough to justify fees spent.

Lessons Learned

Services we provided

Dilapidation claims
Producing and negotiating dilapidation claims with tailored advice depending on individual circumstances and assistance from other industry professionals
Measured Survey
Providing a range of measured survey services to meet your needs, including laser scanning, area management and IPMS

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