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Expert Witness and Defect Analysis

Expert Witness and Defect Analysis
Experience is Knowledge

Experience is Knowledge

The senior Vantage team combined have over 50 years of construction expertise, making us a perfect blend of experience, and the application of youthfulness injects just the right amount of modern practise methods and ingenuity.

The team have covered many expert witness roles, from private high end residential in London, Bath, Bristol and Manchester to notable, well-known, large commercial or residential blocks in London, Cheshire and the Lake District. The team all have their own specialist sectors from ICF, concrete, dilapidations, swimming pools, insulation in its generality, and into broader sectors of Project Management or insurance valuation.

We are well versed in the procedures involved, be it compliant Part 35 reports, participation in mediation or should the parties be so unfortunate to be attending court as the appointed expert, something we would all rather see avoided.

In every expert role we apply the right individual from the team, the team then assist the allotted surveyor to ensure the right information and background to all roles is gathered then presented in the best manner we can provide. We use well formatted and presented reporting layouts, bespoke Scott schedules as necessary, V360 surround camera technology, pole cameras and more to ensure the facts are presented in the best manner.

The team has experience of working with solicitors and barristers in court action and have been party to dilapidation roles, construction defects and contractual disputes at this level.

Well presented information and proactive approaches have seen us deliver timely commercially minded advice which sees 90% of our teams experience in such matters avoid the court room and, 50% of the time, mediation.

Lessons Learned

Alternative dispute resolution is promoted, early proactive advice is essential to success, good communication solves all problems and well presented facts aid every time in resolving disputes.

Lessons Learned

Services we provided

Measured Survey
Providing a range of measured survey services to meet your needs, including laser scanning, area management and IPMS
Dilapidation claims
Producing and negotiating dilapidation claims with tailored advice depending on individual circumstances and assistance from other industry professionals
Project Management
Project Management of works inline with the Vantage process methodology and best practise

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