Team Day Out – Windermere

The challenge was set 5 miles to Amberside, then back after lunch.

The team arrived from Newcastle, Manchester, Liverpool and London for an early morning only to find the 40mph winds coming in would mean we could only go so far. Not to be defeated, we made the most of the beautiful scenery and enjoyed the area we could paddle around.

Off we set in pairs, with Mars bars at the ready for Dan and Bella on board with her lifejacket on. She then decided that her sea legs weren’t up to it, despite absolutely loving water! Elaine de-camped with Bella to play ball on dry land and the rest of the team went on their way round the islands on Windermere.

With some team looking to race, others took the opportunity to piggy back on their enthusiasm by grabbing their boats, unbeknown to the people paddling them along as well!

Off the team went for a well deserved lunch and warm at the Swan Hotel, where Ant was presented with the best kayaker after spending the whole day paddling on his own, thanks to Elaine and Bella abandoning him!

Big thanks to Laura for organising the day and being the quiz master at lunch as well.

Bella all set with her lifejacket on
Team seeing who has the best paddle stroke
Laura the selfie queen capturing the team taking a rest