TDD Survey-World War 1 Submarine Manufacturing Plant, North West

Recently our team have carried out a full Technical Due Diligence Survey on behalf of a client who is acquiring a 42 acre industrial site in the North West.

The site was originally built as a manufacturing plant to produce submarine batteries during World War 1. Since then the plant has been re-developed into an industrial site consisting of over 30 individual warehouse units.

Due to its age, size and location the project posed some unique challenges and required the Vantage team to consider a wide range of existing and potential issues/hazards.


The site was situated next to a major river with some units verging on the border between the site and river. This required the team to asses the potential risk factors considering especially the risk of Japanese Knot-weed and breach of environmental regulations and potential pollution of local environment and wildlife. As part of our survey we consulted a range of ecology experts and worked with them to asses the risk and discuss potential solutions.


As the site was used during World War 1, any development or restorative plans could have been severely hampered by the sites historical significance. The team worked closely with local land authorities and legal experts to determine an acceptable and legal level of restoration.


The site also consisted of a number of disused but potentially hazardous pieces of equipment. One  example consisted of a 20ft gas pipe which was in considerably bad condition. To get a better understanding and asses the potential risk, the team consulted a local engineering expert and a preventive strategy was put in place.

This project was an example of how collaboration can lead to success. It was definitely an interesting project and our team had gained a well needed history lesson!