Taking stock of mother natures lessons

The impact of coronavirus has been unprecedented not just in the UK but throughout the world. Even the best prepared amongst us have been caught out.

The speed of the virus spread has taught us all a severe lesson. We might believe we’re in control but we are not, mother nature is. Like a cheetah hunting on the prairie, covid 19 has targeted the vulnerable.

It’s clear the world is changed, and we could see generations disappear as they become the victims of the virus. A humbling time indeed and never more have we all needed to stick together and put coronavirus in its place.

Never has it been more important for business leaders to make the tough decisions that no one likes to, but we are in pandemic and if we do not take stock we may not see this out.

How we react to the pandemic be it individually, as a business, government, profession etc. will come to define us all for at least the next generation.

I am fortunate to have had a baby on the 25th of March which has given us a positive focus. But as I look at Dixie and my three year old son Giles I cannot help wondering what impact this will have on them as they grow up and what similar challenges they may well face in years to come.

Social responsibility has never been more important and one of my focus in starting Vantage was to be a helpful employer as I had worked at many companies where they said this was the case, but it was not.

This is not an attack at my past employers as I have great respect for them all, its just fact, the bigger messages take over and cash flow plus growth become the focus with people dropping down the list.

Currently, the focus for Vantage is to do the right thing by our people and treat them all as individuals, not a number. Big firms will have to let people go and it won’t feel good to those people making the decision or the employees, but we must all do our best to understand and stick together.

It will only be through understanding, taking responsibility and becoming one of the strong who stand up to be counted that we will turn this negative into a positive.

Here’s to the NHS and seeing us all kick coronavirus down the path as soon as possible.

Stay safe.