With 80% of our current building stock due to remain by 2050, all involved in the property industry need to take note of what has to be done to ensure they meet targets, contribute to the preservation of buildings and make sustainability a part of their daily practice.

The Energy Act 2011, Building Regulations and planning policy are a few examples of sustainability linked statue which is growing and not to be ignored.

Many advisors’ will shroud advice on sustainability with an air of mystery and risk, Vantage Building Consultancy believe this is not the best way to represent our clients. We believe in commercially focused and quality advice that cuts straight to the point, addressing the risks, considerations and how we can provide a solution.

Whether it be a review of an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), through to Building Information Modelling (BIM), Vantage can assist with a team led approach employing our wide range of approved consultants.

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