RCA and License to Alter: Retail Park, Ipswich

Our team have recently finished a project on behalf of a client to assist them in the renovation of a commercial property in Ipswich.

We worked with the Client to assist in identifying the extent to which they could renovate their space in accordance with the lease. Identified any potential risks to the property and breaches in the lease and provided a dilapidation survey to identify existing defects.

Services Provided:

  • RCA
  • Interim Dilapidation Survey
  • License to Alter
  • Lease Review
  • Cost Assessment

Through carefully reviewing the stipulations of the lease, carrying out a full RCA and Dilapidation survey and maintaining productive communication with the Landlord, our team were able to provide a full scope of works and cost assessment on behalf of the Client.

The Client could then proceed in carrying out the enhancements to the property in accordance with the lease and engage with the necessary approved contractors. Through negotiating with the Landlord and highlighting the benefits of the Clients plans, we were also able to reduce the service charge stipulated in the lease.

This project was an example of how careful consideration, expertise and communication can benefit all involved parties.