Pre-Sale Site Refurbishment: 39 Deansgate, Manchester

Vantage worked with the client to assist in the refurbishment of the property before it went on the market to optimise its worth as an asset to a potential buyer.

39 Deansgate is an iconic piece of prime real estate located in the heart of Manchester’s City Centre. The building has served as a commercial home for businesses of all shapes and sizes since 1975 and today houses around twenty companies.

Vantage worked with the client to carry out a full internal refurbishment plus external improvements to the car park as the property was due to go onto the market to find a new buyer.

The works included:

Deansgate 1.1

A new reception, including desk, light fittings and fixtures.

Expansion and improvements to the car park.

Restorative improvements to the walls, stair cases and fittings.

Planning and installation of a new smoking shelter.
Conversion of redundant space to office space.

The project required our team to take on an overall project management role as there were various contractors involved, all working within close proximity and time scales to get the project finished as soon as possible.

The project was a success as completion time fell within the proposed time scale and the building was sold to Kames Capital for a higher price.

If you are a Landlord hoping to increase the value of your property for either sale or to attract new tenants, we can provide a full range of improvements to optimise your properties value. Get in touch…we’re here to help!