Pre-Acquisition Survey: Fleet Street, London

Over the years we have worked on a number of complex projects, but few have come close to this one.

Our team worked on behalf of the Client who was acquiring a property in the centre of London, to identify and asses the condition of the property and measure the full scope of potential works required.

Various factors made the relatively basic process far more difficult.

1. Identifying any existing breaches in the lease were difficult to determine and negotiate due to a complex and outdated lease structure.

2. Bi-party communication was continually obstructed and made more difficult due to an uncooperative Vendor.

3. The location of the property was obstructed by many adjacent structures, trees and adjoining buildings. So access to gather an overall impression of the property was difficult.


1. Our team scrutinised the lease and conducted research into the relevant regulations to assure that any claim on behalf of the client or breeches in the lease that we identified, could not be disputed.

2. We remained professional at all times and represented the interests of both parties with respect and good practice. Ultimately through maintaining composure and respect throughout the negotiating period, we were able to bring about a bi-party resolution.

3. Our team utilised an innovative and specialised piece of equipment to access awkward sections of the property. The team used a 70ft extendable Telescopic Pole Camera which could reach obstructed elements. This was a advantageous alternative from using a Cherry Picker, Crane or Drone as it kept expenditure for the Client to a minimum.