Hotel to Residential: Knightsbridge, London

Last year Vantage worked with a Client to assist in re-purposing a Hotel into residential apartments in the centre of London.

The property was located in the prestigious Knightsbridge district in London and was constructed in the 1900’s originally as a large terrace house. Since then the property has seen relative development but has largely maintained its Victorian aesthetic.

In the late 70’s early 80’s the building was redeveloped into a hotel. After serving over three decades, the hotel was picked up by a new owner who began redeveloping the property into multi-let apartments.

After contacting the developer and taking the time to understand their plans and envisioned outcome, we were brought on board to provide a full measured survey of the site including:

  • Total floor areas
  • Planned elevations
  • Levels
  • Section plans

The locality of the site provided various challenges for our team to consider and work around. Access to scan the elevations was seriously limited due to numerous contractors working on site and scaffolding erected to the exterior of the property. Additionally, the property was surrounded by adjacent and adjoining buildings, some of which had undergone considerable extensions.

In order to attain accurate measurements our team  had to work resourcefully and utilise specialised technology to complete the works. Mainly through implementing laser scanning and small mobile tablets, our team could work around the obstacles and ultimately deliver on their promise to the Client.