Terminal Schedule of Dilapidations

Located in Manchester’s Northern quarter, the Fairbairn building was once a working mill and was granted royal status by Queen Elizabeth and King George VI in 1942 following their visit to the property. The building has since undergone extensive refurbishment and is now used for both residential and commercial use.

The Vantage team were heavily involved post acquisition of the property, providing expert first class building surveying advice, providing dilapidations, specification and contract administration services.

Vantage specialise in dilapidations and our client asked us to create a dilapidations assessment of a large occupied office space within the building. A pro-active approach and positive dialogue with the tenant resulted in a successful negotiation.

For the dilapidation assessment and subsequent works to be as accurate as possible, we asked 5 key questions:

  • What was the subject matter in question?
  • Was the office damaged or had it deteriorated?
  • Was the office below the standard of repair contemplated?
  • What improvements were necessary for the office to meet the standard required?
  • Were all the works contemplated by all involved parties?

Once the dilapidations had been settled, we moved quickly to procure the tender works from inception to completion. A high standard of workmanship and quality was maintained throughout the works. The works were undertaken in a smooth, proficient manner and within three weeks of our involvement in the project, a prospective tenant had occupied th

Vantage are always striving to have great relationships with our clients. We believe the only way to sustain these relationships is to continue providing the first rate services that we deliver on a daily basis.

Dilapidations Sackville Street