End of Lease Negotiations- Ann Summers Ltd, Nationwide

Over the last few months our team have been working on behalf of one of the UK’s largest high street retailers, Ann Summers Ltd to provide expert advise and specialist support in securing a positive outcome for the end of lease negotiations.

Our team worked towards building a constructive dialogue with the client to implement a pragmatic strategy and provide valuable dilapidation surveys to assure liability was alleviated on behalf of the tenant.

The scale of the project was considerable due to the large number of sites implicated, with many of the sites being located nationwide. Accordingly, obtaining and adhering to the client brief diligently was essential in order to set realistic objectives and formulate a positive outcome.

The team reviewed the lease covenant meticulously to identify any potential breaches and formulated a full Schedule of Condition to the implicated premises to assure that the landlord and client were made aware of any damages that could have incurred whilst the client was in occupancy.

Ann Summers Ltd proved to be a proactive and cooperative client and provided information and advice to every stage of the project when required. We hope to maintain our strong and effectual rapport with Ann Summers Ltd and work collaboratively together on future projects.