Due Diligence Survey: Mixed-use Office and Retail, Exeter

Vantage provided a full Due Diligence survey on behalf of the Vendor so that they could place the property onto the market and find a new buyer.

Before the property was placed onto the market the Vendor wanted to highlight the condition of the property to any potential buyers to assure the risk of disputes and potential claims were kept to a minimum.

Due to the size of the building, the age (the building was over a 100 years old), multiple elements involved, the level of re-development (including internal and external facade retention) and relatively short timescale, the project required our team to take the reigns and advise the Vendor on how the process should be carried out. The full scope of works included:

Full Insurance Assessments
Measured Surveys
Schedule of Condition (internal and external)
Schedule of Repairs (structures, fixtures, fittings, environmental)
Energy Performance Certification

Through working sufficiently and maintaining clear communication and coordination within the team, we were able to finish the project within the proposed time-scale, reduce the time between marketing the property and finding a buyer and promoted trust between the Vendor and buyer.

Going the extra mile and providing an honest and exact representation of a property is an effective method of attracting a buyer and cultivating a healthy and trusted rapport. Which is what we at Vantage love to see!