Dilapidation Liability Report: Ecolab Unit

Earlier this year our team headed to Scotland to carry out a full external survey on an industrial unit on behalf of Ecolab to assure an easy acquisition.

The team worked with the client and maintained a healthy collaborative relationship throughout the entire process. Representatives from Ecolab were on hand every step of the way and provided an in-depth level of information and support.

The 55,945 sq.ft. site posed a fair amount of factors for our team to consider, mainly ecological, waste and external surfaces. The team worked extensively to firstly identify any current or potential external defects. Secondly the team reviewed the lease covenant to determine if there was any cause for liability claims and therefore undergo the necessary repairs.

The project was successful in identifying any existing defects and assuring that the client was free of any unforeseen liability brought on by breaches of the covenant. Collaboration with the client and the representatives and a meticulous strategy was crucial in assuring a positive outcome. We look forward to maintaining our collaborative relationship with Ecolab and helping them with any further projects in the future.

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